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CSA certification

CSA certification

(Summary description)

CSA certification

(Summary description)


CSA certification introduction

CSA is the Canadian Standards Association ( CanadianStandards Association or short) it was established in 1919 , is Canada's first designed specifically for the development of industry-standard, non-profit organization. Electronics, electrical appliances, and other products sold in the North American market need to obtain safety certification. At present, CSA is Canada's largest security certification agency and one of the most famous security certification agencies in the world. It can provide safety certification for all types of products in machinery, building materials, electrical appliances, computer equipment , office equipment, environmental protection, medical fire safety, sports and entertainment.CSA has provided certification services for thousands of manufacturers around the world, and hundreds of millions of products bearing the CSA logo are sold in the North American market every year .


CSA certification scope

CSA certification inspections focus on eight areas:

Human survival and environment: including occupational health and safety, public safety, environmental protection and health care technology for sports and entertainment equipment.

Electrical and electronics: Includes regulations for the installation of electrical equipment for construction, and various electrical and electronic products for industry and commerce.

Communications and information: Includes accommodation processing systems, telecommunications and electromagnetic interference technologies and equipment.

Building structure: including building materials and products, civil products, concrete, masonry structures, pipe fittings and architectural design.

Energy: Including energy regeneration and transfer, fuel combustion and safety equipment, nuclear energy technology.

Transportation and distribution systems: including motor vehicle safety, oil and gas pipelines, material handling and distribution, and offshore facilities.

Materials technology: including welding and metallurgy.

Business and production management systems: including quality management and basic engineering.


CSA certification process

1. Complete the preliminary application form, and send it to CSA International together with the instructions and technical data of all relevant products (including all electrical components and plastic materials) .

2 , CSA International's will determine the cost of certification according to the specific circumstances of the product

3. After confirmation by the applicant company

4. Designated laboratories will carry out certification work on time

5. After the certification test is completed, a preliminary report ( Findings Letter ) will be issued to the applicant company , which is listed in detail as follows:

( 1 ) How to improve the product structure to meet the standards.

( 2 ) Other materials to be used to complete the certification report.

( 3 ) Please apply for the company to review the contents of the draft CertificationRecord

( 4 ) The gimmicks required for CSA certification and how to obtain them.

( 5 ) the desired product factory testing ( Factory's Tests )

6 , CSA International's will be assessed on the applicant to answer the fifth item.

7. At the same time, CSA International will prepare a certification report ( CertificationReport ) for product production reference and follow-up inspection .

8. At this stage, under certain circumstances, CSA International will go to the factory for the initial factory evaluation ( Initial Factory Evaluation ), referred to as IFE .

9. Finally, CSA International will issue a Certificate of Compliance with the Certification Record to authorize the applicant company to add the CSA certification mark on its products .

10 , apply to the company and CSAInternational sign a service agreement ( Service Agreement ), to represent the two sides agreed to CSA International to the factory for product tracking test. The applicant company to pay an annual fee (per year Annual Fee ) to maintain the agreement.

CSA certification considerations

CSA Marking is applied for registration with the Canadian Standards Association of Canada . The CSA Marking logo can be added to the product after the unit has recognized the safety and authorization of the product .



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