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ISO 20000 Information Technology Service Management System Standard

ISO 20000 Information Technology Service Management System Standard

ISO 20000 Information Technology Service Management System Standard

(Summary description)

ISO 20000 Information Technology Service Management System Standard

(Summary description)



ISO20000 is based on ITIL best practices and the BS15000 British standard system. It was the first internationally authoritative IT service management system standard issued by the ISO organization in December 2005. This set of system specifications adheres to the "customer-centric, process-oriented "service concept, and aims to help enterprise organizations effectively identify and manage the key processes of IT service management, ensuring that while meeting customer and business needs, it is The application of the" PDCA "methodology makes full use of the ability of IT services to continuously improve, and ultimately achieves the purpose of the enterprise organization to obtain the maximum benefit value with the least cost.


The ISO20000 system specification mainly includes two major chapters. The first chapter is the IT service management specification, which includes 5 major process groups, which respectively cover the service provision process, release process, resolution process, relationship process, control process, and process group. This service management process, together with system management responsibilities, document requirements and capabilities, awareness and training, serves as a reference standard for system certification. The second chapter is the implementation guide for IT service management, and provides reference instructions for the implementation of system certification.


The scope of ISO20000 mainly includes four aspects:


  •    Management responsibilities, including three major modules: management responsibilities, document requirements and capabilities, awareness and training;
  •    Service management planning and implementation, mainly including the four core process modules of "PDCA";
  •    Planning and implementation of new or changed services, mainly for process management of new or changed services;
  •    The service management process mainly includes five core process groups, which are the service provision process, relationship process, solution process, control process, and release process.


ISO20000 is not only the first international IT service management system standard, but also based on ITIL best practices and the principles of the PDCA methodology system, making it a certain authority and popularity in the IT service field. By standardizing its service management processes through system standards, it can help IT managers break through technical thinking and use process management ideas to promote the integration of IT and business. It is this that makes the ISO20000 certification popular all over the world.
Help from the implementation of ISO20000 certification system
  • Agreement on the form and content of service reports to ensure that the status of IT services is transparent to customers;
  • Clearly defined service levels to manage customer expectations;
  • For service levels, performance indicators for service providers at all levels can be formulated;
  • Clearly defined internal processes, clear responsibilities and authority, improve internal efficiency and customer satisfaction;
  • Standardize the management of suppliers to ensure consistent service levels (levels);
  • Recognize security risks and adopt control measures and methods to achieve reliable management of security;
  • Implementation provides opportunities for control, efficiency and improvement;
  • Ensure that the IT services provided are consistent with the customer's business needs;
  • Improve the reliability and availability of operation and maintenance systems;
  • Provide a basis for agreed service levels and capabilities for measuring IT service quality;
  • Improve market competitiveness.
The purpose of establishing ISO20000 system
  • Through the implementation of ISO20000, establish a set of measurable, evaluable, manageable, and sustainable improvement IT operation and maintenance management system to better manage the implementation of IT operation and maintenance projects, including staffing, cost budgeting and process management. Management, etc.
  • By establishing the ISO20000 system, the process management is standardized and standardized, and combined with related management tool platforms to make it play a better role;
  • Through the establishment of the ISO20000 system, better management of the knowledge and experience accumulated in the past during project implementation can be better utilized in service support
  • Through the implementation of ISO20000, it has cultivated its own ISO20000 management and improvement team, so that the system can be continuously improved.

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