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API Monogram Certification

API Monogram Certification

(Summary description)

API Monogram Certification

(Summary description)


API Monogram Certification

1, API monogram

The API monogram is the Institute logo of the American Petroleum Institute. The sign is registered in the United States and may not be used by anyone without permission.

2 , API forensics

API certification refers to an application, inspection, and confirmation process. APIs grant certificates to manufacturers that comply with API product specifications and quality assurance systems that conform to API quality outline specifications, allowing manufacturers to use the API monogram mark on their products . The essence of API forensics is the authorization of trademark transfer.


API Monogram Certification Catalog

API Spec 1B Oilfield V-belt

API Spec 2B Structural Steel Pipe

API Spec 2C Offshore Platform Crane

API Spec 2F Anchor Chain

Carbon-manganese steel plate for API Spec 2H offshore platform pipe joints

API Spec 2MT1 Rolled carbon-manganese steel sheet with improved toughness for offshore structures

API Spec 2W Offshore Structural Steel Plate Produced by Thermo-Mechanical Control Process ( TMCP )

API Spec 2Y tempered steel plate for marine structure

API Spec 4F drilling and workover derrick

API Spec 5B Machining, measurement and inspection of threads for casing, tubing and line pipe

API Spec 5CT casing and tubing

API Spec 5D Drill Pipe

API Spec 5L pipeline

API Spec 5LC CRA (corrosion resistant alloy) line pipe

API Spec 5LCP Continuous Line Pipe

API Spec 5LD corrosion-resistant alloy coated or lined steel pipe

API Spec 6A Wellhead Device and Xmas Tree

API Spec 6AV1 Verification Test for Ground and Underwater Safety Valves for Offshore Operations

API Spec 6D pipeline valve (gate valve, plug valve, ball valve and check valve)

API Spec 6H pipe end plugs, connecting pipes and flexible joints

API Spec 7 Rotary Drill Rod Components

API Spec 7F oil well chain and sprocket

API Spec 7K drilling equipment

API Spec 8A Drilling and Production Enhancement

API Spec 8C Drilling and Production Enhancement ( PSL1 and PSL2 )

API Spec 9A Wire Rope

API Spec 10A Oil Well Cement

API Spec 10D Bow Spring Bushing Centralizer

API Spec 11AX Rod Pumps and Accessories

API Spec 11B Sucker Rod

API Spec 11E Pumping Unit

API Spec 11IW Independent Wellhead Equipment

Electric prime mover of API Spec 11L6 beam pumping unit

API Spec 11N Automatic Oil Transmission Metering Equipment

Combined reciprocating compressor for API Spec 11P oil and gas production operations

API Spec 11V1 gas lift valve, orifice plate, return valve and counterbalance valve

API Spec 12B bolted storage tank

API Spec 12D Oilfield Field Welded Storage Tank

API Spec 12F Factory Welded Storage Tank

API Spec 12GDU Glycol Natural Gas Dehydration Unit

API Spec 12J oil and gas separator

API Spec 12K Indirect Oil Field Heater

API Spec 12L Vertical and Horizontal Demulsifier

API Spec 12P glass fiber reinforced plastic storage tank

API Spec 13A Drilling Fluid Materials

API Spec 14A Underwater Safety Valve Equipment Specification

API Spec 15HR high pressure fiberglass line pipe

API Spec 15LE polyethylene ( PE ) line pipe

API Spec 15LR low pressure fiberglass line pipe

API Spec 15LT Polyvinyl Chloride ( PVC ) Steel Pipe

API Spec 16A Drill Through Equipment

API Spec 16C throttling and killing specifications

API Spec 16D drilling control equipment control system

API Spec 16R marine drilling riser joint

API Spec 17D Underwater Wellhead and Xmas Tree Equipment

API Spec 17E Underwater Production Control Pipeline

API Spec 17J bonded flexible pipeline

API Spec 17K Unbonded Flexible Pipeline

API / IP Spec 1581 Aviation Jet Fuel Filter / Separator

API / IP Spec 1583 Aviation Fuel Filter Monitor with Absorbent Elements











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