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Explosion-proof ATEX certification

Explosion-proof ATEX certification

Explosion-proof ATEX certification

(Summary description)

Explosion-proof ATEX certification

(Summary description)


Explosion-proof ATEX certified instruction description:

Atex ATEX (94/9 / EC) , from 2003 Nian 7 Yue 1 enforcement date. This directive applies to both electrical and non-electrical equipment, including various explosion-proof electrical equipment, protection systems, safety instruments, control instruments and regulating devices.


Core requirements of the ATEX explosion-proof directive:

Protect people's safety and health, and, under certain circumstances, the health of animals and property, and especially protect workers from hazards caused by potentially explosive environments with equipment and systems.

Manufacturers wishing to enter Europe and sell products for explosive environments in Europe must prove that their products comply with the ATEX Directive 2014/34 / EU .


There are three prerequisites for applying this directive:

1. The  equipment must have its own ignition source;

2.  Expected to be used in potentially explosive environments (air mixtures); and

3. It  is under normal atmospheric conditions.

The directive also applies to the necessary components for safe use, and safety devices that are directly beneficial to the safe use of equipment within the scope of application. These devices can be outside potentially explosive environments.


The ATEX2014 / 34 / EU directive classifies equipment into three categories based on the level of protection of the installed equipment:

1 Class ( the Category 1 ) - a very high level of protection

2 class ( the Category 2 ) - a high level of protection

3 type ( the Category 3 ) - a normal level of protection


ATEX certified product range:

The range of equipment applicable to ATEX certification is particularly large, and roughly includes equipment suitable for fixed offshore platforms, petrochemical plants, flour mills and other places where potentially explosive environments may exist.

1) ATEX certified electrical equipment:

Electrical equipment refers to equipment containing electronic components for generating, storing, distributing, and converting electrical energy or control equipment that uses electrical energy as energy

2) ATEX certified non-electrical equipment

Only mechanically moving equipment, these moving parts will generate detonation sources (such as: hot surfaces, friction sparks, etc.) such as gearboxes, fans, compressors, brakes, mixers, non-electrical equipment is usually connected to electrical equipment to provide kinetic energy.


Products not covered by ATEX certification:

1 ) Medical devices intended for use in a medical environment

2 ) Explosion hazards are those equipment and protective systems caused entirely by explosive substances or unstable chemicals;

3 ) Equipment intended for use in domestic and non-commercial environments, where potentially explosive gases are rarely formed;

4 ) If it happens, it is only the result of a gas leakage accident;

5 ) Personal protective equipment included in Directive 89/686 / EEC ;

6 ) Nautical vessels and mobile offshore installations with equipment on them;

7 ) Means of transport, that is, vehicles and trailers designed to transport passengers by air or road, rail or water network, and means of transport designed to transport goods by air, road or rail network or waterway. Vehicles intended for use in explosive environments will not be included.


ATEX certification process:

1. The client submits an application for certification and the two parties sign a contract

2 Our guide customers to prepare various types of certification documents

3. Explosion-proof test according to standards

4. Our company audits the explosion-proof test report, audits the technical documents and submits audit opinions

5. Our company reviews rectification items

6. Certificate issued by EU agency






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