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LVD / EMC certification for electronic appliances

LVD / EMC certification for electronic appliances

LVD / EMC certification for electronic appliances

(Summary description)

LVD / EMC certification for electronic appliances

(Summary description)


EMC and LVD directive describes
  EMC and LVD are CE certified in many instructions two instructions, CE different authentication according to the authentication instruction to make different products new instruction EMC (. Electromagnetic Compatibility), 2014/30 / the EU; LVD low voltage The Directive LowVoltage Directive 2014/35 / EU will take effect from 2016.4.20 to replace the original Low Voltage Directive (2006/95 / EC) and Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (2004/108 / EC).


The goal of LVD is to ensure the safety of low-voltage equipment in use. Low voltage equipment is defined as electrical equipment with a rated voltage between 50 and 1000 volts at AC and between 75 and 1500 volts at DC .


What equipment applies the Low Voltage Directive?

LVD is suitable for all electrical products whose function ranges from AC voltage 50 ~ 1500V and DC voltage 75 ~ 1500V . For example: home appliances ( EN60335 ), lighting products ( EN60598 ), audiovisual products ( EN60065 ), information products ( EN60950 ), electrical machinery ( EN60204 ), measuring instruments ( EN61010 ).

What products are not covered by the Low Voltage Directive?

Although some devices use power voltages within the above range, Annex 2 of the LVD directive lists some exclusions. These devices have their own specific directives or regulations. The following products are not applicable to this directive:

· Electrical equipment used in explosive environments

Electrical products for radiation and medical purposes

· Electrical parts for cargo and passenger lifts

· Meter

· Household plugs and sockets

· Grid controller

Radio electrical interference with special electrical equipment used by ships, aircraft or railways, in compliance with safety regulations established by international organizations with the participation of Member States

CE-LVD test items involve the following / TestItems:

Input test power test

Heating test temperature test

Humidity test humidity test

Glow-wire test Glow wire test state test

Over Load test overload test

Leakage current measurements leakage tests

Electric Strength test pressure test

Earth continuity test ground resistance test

Cord anchorage test power supply line pull test

Stability test Stability test

Plug torque test plug torque test

Impact test Impact test

Capacitor discharge test at plug plug discharge test

Fault conditions test components destructive testing

Working voltage measurement operating voltage test

Motor lock-rotor test Motor locked rotor test

Low and high temperature test high and low temperature test

Tumbling test drum drop test

Insulation resistance test Insulation resistance test

Ball pressure test ball pressure test

Screw Torque test screw torque test

Needle flame test needle-flame test


EMC EMC Directive

Definition of electromagnetic compatibility: When a device or device is operated simultaneously with other devices, it will not affect the ability to work normally due to electromagnetic interference problems. include:

EMI ( Electromagnetic Interference ) / Electromagnetic Interference

Electromagnetic interference can be considered in two directions:

· CE (Conducted Emission) : conduction radioactive

· RE (Radiated Emission) : radioactive radiation

EMS (Electromagnetic Susceptibility) / Electromagnetic tolerance

Electromagnetic resistance can be considered in two directions:

· CE (Conducted Susceptibility) : conduction radioactive

· RE (Radiated Susceptibility) : radioactive radiation

What equipment needs to comply with the EMC directive?

The EMC Directive applies to all equipment that is prone to electromagnetic interference, or equipment whose function is easily affected by electromagnetic interference. Annex III of the EMC Directive lists equipment that does not apply to this directive:

· Home radio and TV receiver

· Industrial manufacturing equipment

· Mobile radio

· Mobile radios and commercial mobile phones

· Medical and scientific equipment

· Information technology equipment

· General electrical appliances and household appliances

· Aeronautical and marine wireless equipment

· Electronic equipment for education

· Telecommunication network and instrument

· Radio and TV transmitter

· Lighting and fluorescent lamps

Types of Electromagnetic Compatibility Tests and Standards for Industrial Products

EMI ( Electromagnetic Interference ) / Electromagnetic Interference

   · CE (ConductedEmission) / Conducted Emission Test: EN 55011

   · RE (RadiatedEmission) / radiated emissions tests: EN 55011

EMS (Electromagnetic Susceptibility) / Electromagnetic tolerance

   · CS (ConductedSusceptibility) / Conducted immunity test: EN 61000-4-6

   · RS (RadiatedSusceptibility) / radiation immunity test: EN 61000-4-3

   · ESD (Electrostaticdischarge) / ESD test: EN 61000-4-2

   · EFT / Burst (Electricalfast transient) / fast transient pulse immunity test: EN 61000-4-4

   · PFMF (Power frequencymagnetic field) / Power frequency magnetic field immunity test: EN 61000-4-8

   · Surge / lightning surge immunity test: EN61000-4-5

   · PQF (Voltage dips, interruption and variation) / Voltage transient immunity test: EN61000-4-1


Certification needs to cooperate with the main information provided

1.  Samples, description files (circuit diagrams) of electrical equipment operation, product operation manual instructions

2. We will ask a dedicated LVD engineer to perform integration and consistency evaluation based on the products and product information provided by you, and make rectification if necessary
3. Product inspection and testing
4. Organize the product TCF
Organization Final review

6. Certificate issuance without problems The
whole process takes about 3-4 weeks, and the specific progress can be shortened according to the cooperation with your company


CE certification is a compulsory certification of the European Union and a necessary passport for related products to enter the European Union. LVD and EMC are important directives in CE certification. Electronic and electrical products must comply with these two directives before they can be exported to the European Union.

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