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Kenya PVoC certification

Kenya PVoC certification

(Summary description)

Kenya PVoC certification

(Summary description)


Kenya PVoC certification

In order to provide importers with maximum flexibility, the PVoC ( Pre-Export Verification of Conformity ) program has three inspection methods designed to obtain a Certificate of Conformity ( CoC ) . The choice depends on how often exporters ship to Kenya and their ability to maintain the level of quality they had when they first applied for certification.

1.  apply for inspection

The Kenya Standards Bureau ( KEBS ) will send the data of the import declaration form ( IDF ) completed by the importer in electronic form to the PVoC inspection enforcement agency of the supplier's country . The PVoC inspection executive will contact the exporter and provide them with an inspection application form ( RFC ). The exporter must complete the application form together with the proforma invoice and send it to the relevant inspection enforcement agency, and provide information about the date and place of the inspection. If possible, the exporter will provide a copy of the test report and registration certificate (or license) when transmitting the RFC form.

2.  Determine the inspection method

The PVoC inspection executive will review the RFC and accompanying documents and confirm appropriate inspection methods and appropriate standards.

3.  Product testing

After confirming the completeness of the documents provided by the applicant, the PVoC inspection executive will arrange product sampling and testing before the shipment date, and the testing will be performed by an authorized or ISO / IEC 17025 accredited laboratory. The exporter should wait for the test results before shipment.

If the exporter wishes to provide its own test certificate, the certificate must come from a laboratory with an ISO / IEC system or other accredited laboratory. The exporter is obliged to arrange the PVoC inspection execution staff to perform the witness test according to the requirements of the inspection agency. The test report shall be submitted to the PVoC inspection executive together with a copy of the laboratory approval . The test report must clearly indicate that the goods will be shipped to Kenya.

4.  On-site inspection

The inspection enforcement agency will contact the inspection applicant and agree on the time and place of inspection of the goods. Sensory inspection is usually used to verify that the goods meet the relevant requirements and to ensure that the goods are consistent with the products previously sampled and submitted to the laboratory for testing. If necessary, test samples can be taken for testing during the inspection process. However, in this case, the exporter should wait for the test results to be obtained before shipment.

5.  Issue a certificate

The exporter should submit the final invoice to the PVoC inspection enforcement agency as soon as possible after the inspection is completed . The PVoC inspection executive will conduct a final review of all inspection and inspection reports and issue a CoC (certificate of compliance) or  NCR (non-compliance certificate). The inspection enforcement agency will indicate all actions that need to be corrected before issuing the certificate. The CoC certificate will only be issued after the difference has been corrected.

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