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SASO Certification

SASO Certification

(Summary description)

SASO Certification

(Summary description)


1. What is SASO certification

2004 Nian 8 months, according to the Saudi Ministry Council resolutions and the Saudi Ministry of Mao-resolution, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia began to implement mandatory product compliance certification system. All products and commodities exported to Saudi Arabia need to meet Saudi standards and technical specifications, and can successfully enter the Saudi market after obtaining a COC certificate issued by a qualification certification body . All early related matters are performed by SASO , so it is also commonly called SASO certification.


2 . Which products need SASO certification?

In 2013 , the Saudi Standards, Metrology and Quality Bureau promulgated relevant technical specifications and product scopes. Only after obtaining the issued COC certificate can they successfully enter the Saudi market. Except for the following four types of products, no certificates are required, and all other products need certificates.


1 ) . Food and agricultural products


2 ) Medicines and cosmetics


3 ) Medical devices and equipment


4 ) Crude oil.



3. What materials need to prepare for SASO certification

1) Application form (we provide)

2) Invoice, packing list (or proforma invoice and product list)

3) Product customs code, instruction manual (English and Arabic) If installation instructions are required, installation instructions are also required

4) Clear product appearance photos, gimmicks and nameplate photos

5) If it involves testing, you also need to prepare samples for laboratory testing. If there is a test report, you can directly provide a test report


4.SASO certification process

1) Submit the application

2) Submit the above list of information to our responsible person for confirmation

3) We check and sign the contract without problems

4) We modify and organize the required information and formulate the certification strategy

5) Formally submit the application

6) If you need to send samples to arrange sample tests, obtain test reports

7) Pre-shipment inspection of the product (some may not be inspected depending on the situation)

8)  Provide formal invoice and packing list

9)  Issue a SASO certificate.


5. Precautions for exporting Saudi Arabia


1.  What climatic conditions should be met for exporting electrical and electronic products to Saudi Arabia?


Saudi Arabia is located in the tropics, especially for electrical and electronic products, some tests should be conducted under the conditions of tropical hot and humid climate conditions at an ambient temperature of not less than 40 ° C.


2. What is the single-phase voltage in Saudi Arabia?


There are two single-phase voltage specifications in Saudi Arabia, which are 127V / 60Hz and 220V / 60Hz . Exporters of electrical and electronic products should ensure that their designs and tests meet the above requirements. Therefore, if the voltage range indicated on the label of an electrical product is 100 to 127V , 110 to 127V , 200 to 230V , 220 to 240V, etc., they are considered unqualified.


3. What are the EMC requirements for products exported to Saudi Arabia ?


Except for wired and wireless communication equipment, Saudi Arabia does not have EMC requirements for electrical products .


4. What are the written requirements for products exported to Saudi Arabia?


Product labels, instructions, and warnings are usually required to use Arabic or both Arabic and English, and the product label should indicate the country of origin of the product .


5. What religious influences should exporters pay attention to?


Saudi Arabia believes in Islam, and products exported should comply with and conform to Islam and morals.


6. Products that have applied for Saudi certification, can the product be marked with the Saudi Bureau of Standards?


No, Saudi Arabia stipulates that the Saudi Bureau of Standards logo cannot be used on products and packaging, and products with a logo are prohibited from entering the Saudi market.


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