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EU Welder and Industrial Qualification Certification

EU Welder and Industrial Qualification Certification

EU Welder and Industrial Qualification Certification

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(Summary description)

EU Welder and Industrial Qualification Certification

(Summary description)

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EU Welder and Industrial Qualification Certification


European classification criteria welders:
an authentication European Commission different welding of welding material, the welding material according to the different authentication (EN 287 / ISO9606 ) are divided into 6 categories welders:
EN 287 - . 1 (steel)

ISO9606 2. - 2 (Al)
3. ISO9606 - . 3 (copper)
4. ISO9606 - . 4 ( Ni )
5. The ISO9606
- . 5 (titanium)
6. The 
EN 287 - . 6 (iron)

Welders who weld different materials need to obtain qualifications corresponding to the standards, and they cannot be used interchangeably with each other.

European Pressure Vessel Welders: The
European Union requires welders to weld pressure vessels. The welder certificate must add the ' Pressure Vessel Directive ' ( PED , AD, TRD, etc.), otherwise pressure vessels must not be welded.

Classification of European welders: The
European Commission for Welding Certification has a very detailed classification of welders according to the type of welding. Mainly divided into 2 categories: manual welders, automatic welding operators.
The manual welding the welder (including welding, gas welding, arc welding, etc.) is required to have welder
EN287 or ISO9606 certification.

Automatic welding operators (including resistance welding, robot welding, laser welding, stud welding, etc.) Welders need to have EN1418 or ISO14732 certification.

The effectiveness of the European welding standards:

EN 287 / ISO9606 welder standards as the standards of the International Institute of Welding welder executed by its 56 recognized by the Member States (including: China, Germany, Britain, France, Japan, Australia, etc.) while the provisions of the International Institute of Welding EN287 welder certification is a prerequisite for many major international welding standards such as: EN15085, ISO3834, and so on. For example, in the high-speed rail industry that we are familiar with, its welders are required to obtain EN287 qualification certification.




Introduction to welding process qualification:


Welding procedure qualification ( Welding Procedure Qualification the Record , referred WPQR) during the test the correctness of weldments process to verify the ability of the welder or proposed assessment carried out and the results evaluated.



Purpose of welding procedure qualification:


1. Evaluate whether the welding unit is capable of welding the welded joints that meet the requirements of relevant national or industry standards and technical specifications.


2. Verify that the welding process instruction drafted by the welding organization is correct.


3. Provide a reliable technical basis for the formulation of a formal welding procedure guide or welding procedure card.


4. Examine the ability of the welder.



Application scope of welding process qualification:


1. It is suitable for the manufacture, installation and maintenance of steel equipment such as boilers, pressure vessels, pressure pipelines, bridges, ships, aerospace, nuclear energy and load-bearing steel structures.


2. Suitable for welding methods such as gas welding, electrode arc welding, tungsten argon arc welding, melting electrode gas shielded welding, submerged arc welding, plasma arc welding, and electroslag welding.



Evaluation process:


1. Preparation of Preliminary Welding Procedure Specification ( PWPS)


2. Welding test pieces and preparing samples


3 , test specimens and samples


4 , determine whether the welding joint meets the performance requirements required by the standard


5. Submit a welding procedure qualification report to evaluate the prepared welding procedure instruction



National Standards for Process Evaluation


SY / T4103 - 1995 (equivalent to API 1104)


NB / T47014-2011 "Welding Process Evaluation for Pressure Equipment"


SY / T0452 - 2002 "Petroleum pipeline welding procedure qualification method" (Note: for the petroleum, chemical process Ratings)


JGJ812002 "Technical Code for Welding of Steel Structures in Construction" (Note: The technical evaluation of highway bridges can be implemented by reference)


GB5023698 "Field Equipment, Industrial Pipe Welding Engineering Construction and Pressure Pipe Process Evaluation"


"Safety Technology Supervision Regulations for Steam Boilers ( 1996 )"



European standard


ISO15614-1 arc welding of steel and / arc welding of nickel and nickel alloys


ISO15614-2 Arc welding of aluminum and aluminum alloys


ISO15614-3 cast iron arc


ISO15614-4 repair welding of cast aluminum


ISO15614-5 arc welding of titanium and titanium / arc welding of zirconium and zirconium alloys


ISO15614-6 Arc welding of copper and copper alloys


ISO15614-7 overlay welding


Welding of ISO15614-8 pipe joints and tube sheet joints


EN 288 or ISO 15607-ISO 15614 series standards


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