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EN71 certification

EN71 certification

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(Summary description)

EN71 certification

(Summary description)

  • Categories:product testing
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  • Time of issue:2020-01-14 11:34
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EN71 certification

EN71 is the norm for toys in the EU market. Children are the most concerned and loved group in the whole society. The toy market that children generally love is developing rapidly. At the same time, various types of toys cause harm to children from time to time. Therefore, all countries in the world The requirements are becoming increasingly strict. The introduction of the EN71 certification law for toys in Europe has the meaning of technically regulating toy products entering the European market through the EN71 standard, thereby reducing or avoiding the harm of toys to children.

relevant regulation:

EN71-1 : Toy Safety-Part 1 : Physical and Mechanical Properties

EN71-2 : Toy Safety-Part 2 : Flame Retardant Performance

EN71-3 : Toy Safety-Part 3 : Transfer of Certain Elements

EN71-4 : Toy Safety-Part 4 : Test Equipment for Chemical and Related Activities

EN71-5: Safety of toys-Part 5 : Chemical toys (except test devices)

EN71-6 : Safety of toys-Part 6 : Graphical representation of age signs

EN71-7 : Requirements for finger paints

EN71-8 : Rocking, sliding and similar toys for indoor and outdoor home entertainment

EN71-9 : General requirements for organic compounds in toys

EN71-10 : Sample preparation and extraction of organic compounds

EN71-11 : Analytical methods for organic compounds


EN71 Part 1

. 1 , EN 71 is Part1: 2005 + the A9: PHYSICAL &-2009 the Test Mechanical physical and mechanical tests

(a) Without Sound module does not sound toys

(b) With Sound module sound toys

(c) Earphone with Sound headphones sound toys

(d) 7000 Cycles Switch Test for Chest toy cabinet 7000 times switch test

(e) Ride-on Toys ride-on toys

(f) Mouth-actuated Toys port movable toys

Physical and mechanical properties This part mainly includes drop detection, small parts detection, sharp edge detection, tension detection, pressure detection, seam detection, ear, nose, eye tension, and torque detection.

EN 71 Part 2

2 , EN 71 is Part2: Flammability the Test-1993 Flammability Test

(a) Finished Product Finished

(b) Pile fabric or material

EN 71 Part 3

. 3 , EN 71 is Part3: 1994-Toxic the Test Elements (Toxic Elements Results. 19)

Toxic metal dissolution test ( test results of 19 toxic metal elements )

Lead mercury cadmium chromium arsenic selenium barium antimony etc

EN 71 Part 4

4 , EN 71 Part4: Experimental Chemistry the Set for chemistry experiments toy

EN 71 Part 5

. 5 , EN 71 is Part5: Chemisty Toys (Sets) Experimental Sets Within last Other non-chemical Experiment Toys

EN 71 Part 6

6 , EN 71 Part6: the Graphical Symbol for Age Warning Labeling of age warning labels Fig.

EN 71 Part 7

. 7 , EN. 7 Part 71 is FingerPaints

(a) Colorants

(b) Preservatives Preservatives

(c) Binding agents, extenders, humectants andsurfactants, ingredient review binding agent, additives, humectants, surfactants, evaluation ingredient

(d) Limits for the of certain elements

(e) Limits for primar aromatic amines

(f) Ethanol Ethanol

(g) pH value pH

(h) Product information & Container Products and packaging containers

EN 71 Part 8

8 , for indoor and outdoor family entertainment with a swing, slide and similar toys

EN 71 Part 9

9 , an organic compound of General Requirements toys

EN71-9 General Requirements for Organic Compounds - specifies the total amount of migration of toxic compounds present in each toy or toy material in the following exposure modes: contact with mouth; possible ingestion; skin contact; eye contact; inhalation.

Products within the scope of the standard include toys designed for children under 3 years old (because these toys may be chewed by children in the mouth), and products designed for older children (these products may reach children's mouths) , Skin, or inhaled by children.)

Specific product or toy components within the scope of the standard include:

Toys that could be chewed by children under 3 years of age

Toys or accessible toy parts weighing less than or equal to 150 grams for children under three years of age ,

Toys and accessible toy parts for children under three

Oral contact parts of mouth-moving toys

Toy on mouth or nose

Children accessible toys

Patterning device parts used as or used in toys

Toys and accessible toy parts for indoor use

Toys and accessible toy parts for outdoor use

Toys or toy parts that mimic food designs

May leave traces of solid toy material

Colored liquids easily accessible in toys

Colorless liquid easily accessible in toys

Model clay, toy clay or similar products, except for chemical toys mentioned in EN 71-5

Balloon manufacturing parts

Sticky imitation totem

Imitation jewelry

The scope of restricted substances is particularly wide, including flame retardants, colorants, aromatic amines, monomer substances, solvent migration, inhalable solvents, wood preservatives (indoor and outdoor), other preservatives and plasticizers.

EN 71 Part 10

10. Sample preparation and extraction of organic compounds

EN 71 Part 11

11. Analytical methods of organic compounds

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