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GAD directive certification for gas appliances

GAD directive certification for gas appliances

GAD directive certification for gas appliances

(Summary description)

GAD directive certification for gas appliances

(Summary description)


GAD directive certification for gas appliances (2009/142 / EC)

The EU Gas Appliances Directive GAD ( 2009/142 / EC ) includes a range of products: appliances that use gaseous fuels as their main energy source for cooking, heating, hot water, refrigeration, lighting or washing, and safety control components for these appliances Assembly or, IF The Work Appliance comprising, Water, The Water Not does Exceed The Normal Operating temperature 105 [deg.] C . Gas Combustion Engineering Equipment for Purely Industrial Purposes The scope of IS Outside The Gas Appliances Directive.


GAD certified product scope:

Most of the products applicable to the gas appliance directive are cookware, ovens, stoves, grills, tea / coffee making equipment, water heaters, combined boilers, burners, boilers and other products used in hotels / homes and restaurants.


For the purpose of this Directive, the following definitions shall apply:


(A) "Device" the Refers to A Fuel Gas Combustion Apparatus for Cooking, CONDITIONING, Hot Water Production, Cooling, Lighting, or in washing and, WHERE applicable, A Normal temperature of The Water does Not Exceed 105 [deg.] C . Forced-ventilated burners and heating elements that must be equipped with such burners shall also be considered as gas appliances ;


(2) "Accessories" refer to safety devices, control devices or regulating devices and sub-assemblies. Except equipped with burners, home appliances that are sold separately and are designed to be combustible gas are included in the compulsory blast burner and heating element fuel or combination Such equipment ;


(C) "gaseous fuel" means, which is in a bar ( bar under pressure) to 15 in a gaseous state at a temperature of ℃ of any fuel.


Boiler Energy Efficiency Directive- Appliances that use liquid fuel or gaseous fuel as the main energy source, water as the heat transfer medium, and rated output power between 4kW and 400kW are the product range of the boiler energy efficiency directive. Generally, the boiler energy efficiency directive is applicable to gas water heaters and hot gas wall-hung boilers.


Low Voltage Directive - rated input voltage of 50 ~ 1000Vac or 75 ~ 1500Vdc ordinary electrical products should apply the requirements of the Low Voltage Directive. If the gas appliance product uses mains power to power the control circuit, the product must also meet the requirements of the Low Voltage Directive, which is electrical safety.


Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive-The electromagnetic compatibility directive applies to common electrical products. If a gas appliance product uses a control circuit to control the gas supply, the product should meet the requirements of the electromagnetic compatibility directive regardless of whether the control circuit is supplied by the city or dry battery.


Gas with GAD instruction CE Certification main processes :

1. Provide product related information and confirm test items

2. The two parties signed an agreement

3. Prepare sample test and issue test report

4. Electrical test (if required)

5. Preparation of technical documents (including user manuals, technical drawings, certificate materials, parts certificates, ISO9001 certificates, etc.)

5. CE certificate issued by test audit

6. Instruct enterprises to paste CE mark



Risk of non-compliance with CE marking


1. The risk is very large. Once investigated, it will face penalties such as fines, return of goods, destruction, and inability to clear customs. If the circumstances are serious, it will be blacklisted and permanently barred from entering the EU market.


2. In the EU market, the "CE" mark is a compulsory certification mark. Whether it is a product produced by an enterprise within the EU or a product produced in another country, it must be affixed with the "CE" mark to freely circulate on the EU market. Demonstrates that the product meets the basic requirements of the EU's New Technical Coordination and Standardization Directive. This is a mandatory requirement imposed on products by EU law.


3. The meaning of the CE mark is that the CE acronym is used to indicate that the product with the CE mark conforms to the main requirements of the relevant European directives and is used to confirm that the product has passed the corresponding conformity assessment procedure and / or the manufacturer's The declaration of conformity has truly become a passport for products to be allowed to enter the European Union market. For instructions to add CE marked products, no CE mark may not be listed for sale, has been affixed CEmark to market products that do not meet safety requirements should be ordered to withdraw from the market, continued violation of Directive CE mark requirements, Will be restricted or banned from entering the EU market or forced to withdraw from the market.






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