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TPED Directive for Mobile Pressure Equipment

TPED Directive for Mobile Pressure Equipment

TPED Directive for Mobile Pressure Equipment

(Summary description)

TPED Directive for Mobile Pressure Equipment

(Summary description)


TPED Directive ( 2010/35 / EU )

Mobile pressure-bearing equipment sold in the EU market must obtain the CE mark in accordance with the requirements of the European Union's Mobile Pressure-bearing Equipment Directive ( TPED for short ) . The Mobile Pressure Equipment Directive ( 2010/35 / EU ) replaces the respective entry systems of the original member countries with a unified certification scheme, and puts forward requirements for the design, manufacture and conformity assessment of mobile pressure equipment, applicable to all EU Member States.

The European Union's Mobile Pressure Equipment Directive ( TPED for short ) is applicable to various types of mobile pressure equipment manufacturing enterprises. The products involved include steel gas cylinders, LPG gas cylinders, road and railway tankers, mobile pressure equipment valves, safety valves, etc ...


Application of TPED  certification

- All Containers: (Directive 94/55 / EC  Appendix Predetermined in The Cylinders, Tubes, pressure Tanks, Cryogenic Container, Pack Cylinder / Cylinder Beam, etc.)


- - All Cans: comprising, Removable Tanks, Tank Containers (Portable Tanks), with Tank Trucks, Battery Locomotive / A Truck or Container Tanks, Tank Truck, Tank (ACCORDING to 94/55 / EC  Directive and 96 Annex to The / 49 / EC  Directive Transporting Class Gases and Transport of Certain Other Classes of Hazardous Substances According to Annex VI of  this Directive , Including Valves and Other Accessories Used in Transport and 94/55 / ​​EC  Appendixes / EC 96/49 device specifically provided in the Appendix, and an aerosol spray can ( UN1950 gas cylinder) and breathing appliances. 


--移动式承压设备:即所有容器(钢瓶,管子,压力盘,低温容器,指令94/55/EC 附录中定义的钢瓶组)所有储罐,包括可拆卸储罐,储罐容器(移动储罐),罐车上的储罐,蓄电池车辆或者蓄电池卡车上的储罐或者容器,运输指令94/55/EC96/49/EC 附录规定的级气体的,运输在本指令附录VI 指出的某一危险物质或者其他气体的,包括他们的阀和其他附件。这个定义不包括那些属于常规免检适用于小数量的和在指令94/55/EC96/49/EC  附录中的特殊情况下的设备如烟雾器(UN 1500)和呼吸装置用的气瓶。 




- 指导制造商按TPED要求进行认证准备并进行相关培训

- 指导制造商选择符合指令要求,效益最好的模式

- 对所用规范进行符合性的确认

- 设计评审,进行产品工厂检验及工厂质量系统评估

- 特殊材料批准

- 焊接工艺及焊工、NDT人员认可

- awarded CE certificate


TPED certification process

1. customers need to apply for product information to assist in determining the authentication mode
2. The customer fills in accordance with the application form, signed a contract in accordance with the requirements of a specific pattern
3. According to TPED to design audit requirements
4. According to TPED requirements for approval of material
5. The welding process and a welder review
6. performed NDT assessors to
7. authentication and verification required by the particular pattern
8. issued TPED certificate
9. (for) according PED Act requires periodic follow-up surveillance evaluation



Risk of non-compliance with CE marking

1. The risk is very large. Once investigated, it will face penalties such as fines, return of goods, destruction, and inability to clear customs. If the circumstances are serious, it will be blacklisted and permanently barred from entering the EU market.

2. In the EU market, the " CE " mark is a compulsory certification mark. Whether it is a product produced by an enterprise within the EU or a product produced in another country, it must be affixed with the " CE " mark to freely circulate on the EU market. Demonstrates that the product meets the basic requirements of the EU's New Technical Coordination and Standardization Directive. This is a mandatory requirement imposed on products by EU law.

3. The meaning of the CE mark is that the CE acronym is used to indicate that the product with the CE mark conforms to the main requirements of the relevant European directives and is used to confirm that the product has passed the corresponding conformity assessment procedure and / or the manufacturer's The declaration of conformity has truly become a passport for products to be allowed to enter the European Union market. For instructions to add CE marked products, no CE mark may not be listed for sale, has been affixed CEmark to market products that do not meet safety requirements should be ordered to withdraw from the market, continued violation of Directive CE mark requirements, Will be restricted or banned from entering the EU market or forced to withdraw from the market.


We will assist companies to operate in accordance with EU regulations, ensure that their exports comply with CE requirements, ensure that products are exported and used in the EU smoothly, maintain corporate reputation and reduce unnecessary economic losses, and expand long-term export of corporate products. Long-term relationship.

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